Tomasz Różycki


(born in 1970)

Poet, essayist, translator from French. He graduated from the Jagiellonian University with a degree in Romance Studies, he currently lives in Opole. Winner of the 2004 Kościelski Award for his poem Dwanaście stacji, which was also nominated for the 2005 Nike Literary Award. He has published in numerous magazines in Poland and abroad. His poems have been translated into many European languages. His volume of poetry Kolonie was featured in the final of the 2007 Nike Literary Award and nominated for the 2007 Gdynia Literary Award. In 2010, he was awarded the Kamień Award awarded during the City of Poetry Festival. The volume Księga obrotów was nominated for the 2011 Nike Literary Award, as well as for the 2011 Gdynia Literary Award. In 2017, he was nominated for the Wisława Szymborska Award for his volume Litery.

Photo by Slav Zatoka