Uta Przyboś


Born in 1956 in Warsaw. Painter and poet. She started her academic career by studying mathematics, but graduated in painting. She painted series of works, including Departures, Horses of the Apocalypse, Crimean Iconostasis, I Ching, GMO Rhinoceroses, which were exhibited in Poland and abroad. Her works can be found in private collections in Poland, Belgium, the UK and in Luxembourg. In the 1990s she cooperated with the Poznań-based Arkusz magazine, where she published exhibition reviews and interviews. Since 2004 he has been writing poems. She made her debut in Odra. She also published her poems in Akcent, Kwartalnik Świętokrzyski, Migotanie, Okolica Poetów, Topos, Twórczość, Więź and Wyspa. Author of poetry volumes Nad wyraz (2007), A tu tak (2009) and Stopień (2012) released by STON2 publishing house, as well as Prosta (2015) and Tykanie (2018) released by FORMA. For Prosta, she received the C. K. Norwid Award, along with nominations for the Orfeusz and Nike Awards.