Friday, 29.05.2020

The ninth edition of the Miłosz Festival starts on 4 June

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An uninvited guest is changing our world beyond recognition. It reshapes the scenery of everyday paths and derails the routine of experiences on which we build our personal and collective sense of security. The Miłosz Festival is responding to this (dis)order with a new focal point – on word, meaning, and emotions. The ninth edition of one of the most important poetry events in Poland is moving online and will start on 4 June. The festival will open with a poetic and musical polyphony with the participation of Ewa Lipska, Ryszard Krynicki and Adam Zagajewski, among others. “New Focal Point” is the title of this year’s edition of the Miłosz Festival. And although Krakow will be the centre of the poetic ferment, this time the festival geography should be treated as imaginary. Moved entirely online,...