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Festival main theme - RESCUE

On the International Poetry Day, 21 March, the dates of the 13th edition of the Miłosz Festival were announced. This year's event coincides with the celebration of the Year of Czesław Miłosz. That is why we are going to see reissues of some of his volumes of poetry, including Ocalenie/Rescue, which will be published for the first time since 1945. The volume also serves as the title of this year's festival.


The Miłosz Festival is slated to start on 30 June, the poet’s birthday. The event dedicated to the author of "The Land of Ulro" will run longer than usual, until 7 July. As always, the festival will be an interdisciplinary celebration of poetry. For the third year, the events will revolve around war and violence. "Rescue" is a book that collects the poet’s most important texts written during the occupation. These accusatory and ruthless texts pose questions about the attitude of witnesses towards violence, passivity and the possibility of standing against evil.




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