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Ring the Alarm: OFF Miłosz is announced!

For the third time, Miłosz Festival will be accompanied by OFF Miłosz, which is dedicated to independent and experimental poetic works. So what can fans expect this year? Wait no more!

Direct, engaging and inspiring; OFF Miłosz is about the cutting-edge generation. We cross boundaries between the creator and the audience, inviting both to interact, create and experience poetry together. This year we’ve got great names on the docket: Hera Lindsay Bird (New Zealand), Rudka Zydel (Poland), Grigory Semenchuk (Ukraine), Radosław Jurczak (Poland), Georgina Wilding (Great Britain), Mark Pajak (Great Britain), Kira Pietrek (Poland) and Nathan Curnow and Geoffrey Williams (Australia).

And if that’s not enough, Tyehimba Jess, American poet, slammer and academic, awarded one of the most important literary distinctions – the Pulitzer Prize for the volume Olio – will join us as well for an event you won’t want to miss. 

As if we could stop there! You will be able to meet the writers behind the new issues of two literary magazines: WIDMA and KONTENT, which will premiere during OFF Miłosz. Both regularly provide readers with a fabulous dose of poetry, so it will be no different in June – prepare yourselves for a lot of literary sensations!

Slam in Magazyn Kultury café, becomes even more unique during OFF Miłosz; it is absolutely the heart of the whole four-day event. It will be bold, uncompromising and unpredictable, and the last word will as usual belong to the public!

OFF Miłosz is not only about the artists, but also about the audience. That is why this year one of the events will be programmed by the public! More precisely, by a group of students from Kraków high schools that have been participating in the Słowo w Słowo. Poetry is My Language project since November. What will it look like? Just come and see!

We have also prepared something for those who are involved in organizing literary events for young people every day. During the OFF Miłosz, an international workshop about audience development among young people will take place. Good practices will be shared by Association KROKODIL (Serbia), Round House (Great Britain) and Royal Opera House Bridge (Great Britain), among others. 
We invite you to all the events of OFF Miłosz which will take place on June 7-10, 2018. Let’s push the limits for a third time and discover new poetry together!

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