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Literature at every age – events for children

The Miłosz Festival and the Festival of Literature of Children invite you to a cycle of events for the youngest readers. From the 14th till the 16th of May in Krakow, children and their parents will participate in meetings with authors, workshops and a city game. On that occasion, Krakow will be visited, among others, by Susanne Rotraut Berner – the author of the Wimmelbücher series. There will be a concert of Jerz Igor, and Michał Rusinek will take participants for a literary walk across Krakow.

Popular authors and illustrators of children’s books will arrive in Krakow to talk about their latest works. One of them will be Susanne Rotraut Berner – an internationally recognised illustrator and author of picture books, including the Wimmelbücher series. Readers will also have an opportunity to meet the well-known actor Jerzy Stuhr and his daughter Marianna Bończa-Stuhr – authors of the book Kto tam zerka na Kacperka? [Who is peeping at Kacperek over there?], a collection of fairy tales and rhymes that the actor’s children listened to before sleep a long, long time ago.

The program of the Festival contains also horizon-broadening meetings (and not only geographical horizons are meant here!) in the Readings after Dark cycle, workshops with masters of illustration, a city game, theatrical performances, film screenings and even a walk across the Krakow Market Square in the company of Michał Rusinek.

The festival will end with a strong musical experience – Jerz Igor’s concert. This band successfully evades straightforward categorisations on the part of critics and listeners. The duo forming this band (Jerzy Rogiewicz and Igor Nikiforow) represents an innovative approach to music for children. Fabulous and unpretentious indie-pop lullabies not only engage young spectators’ ears, but they also teach them to be sensitive to the wealth of sounds of live instruments.

This year’s second edition of the Festival of Literature for Children will be held in as many as four cities (Krakow, Wrocław, Warsaw and Gdańsk). The aim of the event, co-organised by Anna Kaszuba-Dębska and Łukasz Dębski – owners of Cafe Szafe and the Czas Dzieci Foundation, is to help young readers develop through active contact with valuable children’s books and to ensure the presence of children’s books and illustrations in social space. The guiding motif of this year’s festival is tolerance and openness to someone else’s otherness. Thanks to a combination of efforts of the organisers of the Miłosz Festival and the Festival of Literature for Children, this year’s offer of events for the youngest readers will be twice as interesting.

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