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  • Announcing the programme of the 2024 Miłosz Festival

    Celebration of the poet’s birthday, outstanding international authors and the most important figures of the world of Polish poetry!  Cynthia Haven, Yang Lian, Monika Herceg, Katja Gorečan, Dmitri Strocev, Yolanda Castaño and Hinemoana Baker are just some of the poets joining us for this year’s Miłosz Festival. The event is slated to start on 30 […]
  • We announce the 10th Miłosz Festival under the motto “Unattainable Earth”

    Agi Miszol, Alice Oswald, Ivan Štrpka, Peter Gizzi and Anthony Joseph are foreign guests of this year’s Miłosz Festival to be held under the motto “Unattainable Earth”. We will talk about broadly defined difficulties in getting control of and moving around the Earth both in the literal and symbolic sense. This year’s festival will be […]
  • The ninth edition of the Miłosz Festival starts on 4 June

    An uninvited guest is changing our world beyond recognition. It reshapes the scenery of everyday paths and derails the routine of experiences on which we build our personal and collective sense of security. The Miłosz Festival is responding to this (dis)order with a new focal point – on word, meaning, and emotions. The ninth edition […]
  • Organizers’ announcement on this year’s edition of the Miłosz Festival

    Dear Friends of the Miłosz Festival, Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have held out hope that we would all manage to meet in Krakow in June. However, the development of the situation makes it necessary to above all think about the safety of our audience, guests, creators, and organisational team. To ensure this, […]
  • The 8th Miłosz Festival is over. What was this edition like?

    Should poetry talk about current events? What is discovering one’s own language all about? What makes us include some artists into the canon, while forgetting about others? Poets talked about all this during the four festival days. “The Seizure of Power” – this motto, taken from Czesław Miłosz’s 1953, was the main theme of this […]
  • Marta Podgórnik wins the Wisława Szymborska Award! The 4th day of the Miłosz Festival

    The poet was honoured for Mordercze ballady. Yesterday’s gala concluded this year’s edition of Miłosz Festival, which has been taking place since Thursday. “It is quite a daunting task to create a new volume that will be original at the same time. Marta Podgórnik, the author of many books of poetry, managed to do so […]
  • Taming the language. The 3rd day of the Miłosz Festival

    A foreign language is usually a language spoken in another country. However, it can also be a language of technology, politics, advertising or propaganda. Taming this kind of language and changing it into poetry was the subject of debates of authors and translators during the third day of the Miłosz Festival. “Translation is a generic […]
  • Poets are hooligans! The 2nd day of the Miłosz Festival

    They speak their own language even when the language officially ceases to exist. They tear down barriers. They point out uncomfortable issues, shouting them in the audience’s face. Who doesn’t believe this should definitely come to this year’s Miłosz Festival. But hurry up – the event has already reached its halfway point. Who is Magdalena […]
  • On poetry and power, or day one of Festival is behind us

    Who is the poet? Why does the world need poetry? The first day of the 8th edition of the Miłosz Festival saw discussions about the role of poetry in the context of power and society. The stakes of the meeting with the first foreign guest were very high. Syrian poet Saleh Diab, together with Isabelle […]

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