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Registration for poetry translation workshops at the Miłosz Festival is now open!

The organisers of the Miłosz Festival will ensure that Krakow becomes a hospitable place for contemporary poetry written in various languages. Without a space for linguistic diversity, our culture will stop developing – this will be the lesson for the audience of the author’s meetings and debates, as well as the participants of the poetry translation workshops that will take place during the Miłosz Festival between the 6th and 9th of June in Krakow. Registration for the workshops will be open until the 15th of May.

Eminent poets from various language and cultural areas have accepted the invitation to Krakow, including representatives of such countries as Armenia, Australia, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Syria, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Polish translations of the works of selected authors will be published in volumes prepared especially for the festival.

“National culture is enriched, changed and updated also thanks to translation, which broadens the language of mutual communication, civilising the struggle for symbolic power,” argues Krzysztof Siwczyk, Programme Director of the festival. During the June poetry festival, excellent translators will conduct workshops in three language areas. The workshops are discussions on the poetic works of selected guests of this year’s edition of the festival, as well as improving translation and interpretation skills of workshop participants. The workshop leaders have translated fundamental works of world literature, as well as the works of the guests of this year’s edition of the Miłosz Festival.

The workshop on poetic translation from English will be conducted by Jerzy Jarniewicz, one of the most important translators of English-language literature, as well as the author of twelve critical literary and essayist books and many volumes of poetry. He has translated, among others, James Joyce, Philip Roth, John Banville, Raymond and Edmund White. He also worked on the works of the guests of this year’s edition of the Miłosz Festival, translating Simon Armitage (together with Jacek Gutorow) and Denise Riley. Leszek Szaruga, poet and prose writer, translator of German and Russian poetry – including the works of Elena Fanailova, whom we will meet at the festival – will conduct workshops on Russian translation. For Francophiles, the classes will be conducted by Agata Kozak, translator of poetry and prose by outstanding French authors and representatives of Madagascar and Maghreb literature. The festival publications will feature her translations of poems by the Syrian poet Saleh Diab, who will be a guest of the 8th edition of the Milosz Festival.

The workshops will be held on two days, the 6th and 7th of June 2019 (Thursday and Friday) in the afternoon, for three hours each (total of 6 hours).

If you are interested in the workshops, please send a short CV and a motivation letter to the following address The deadline for submitting applications is 15 May at 11:59 p.m. Applicants who qualify to participate in the workshops will be notified by email.

Participation in the workshop is free. Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the workshop.

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