The youngest participants in the Miłosz Festival | Miłosz Festival

The youngest participants in the Miłosz Festival

fot. Hasenien Dousery,

It’s become already tradition. This year’s Miłosz Festival once again will go in parallel with the Festival of Children’s Literature. We will read, learn the secrets of typography, listen to involving stories and compare science and literature. At the end of each day – before sunset – we will be listening to men’s reading, with participation of unique lectors. The youngest and a little older ones will listen, but first of all discover, create and act, all of that accompanied by the best works if children’s literature. For the first time in the history of both festivals the Ferdinand the Magnificent Award for the Best Polish Book for Children will be awarded. The award is funded by the Krakow Festival Office, the operator of Krakow UNESCO City of Literature.

| fot. Hasenien Dousery, |

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